image of Ptx40

Vermeer PTX40 vibratory plow

Weekly: $1600 Monthly: $3700

Lease it!

A vibratory plow is the most cost-effective way to install underground fiber when there are no obstructions at the surface and when the soil type is compatible.

The PTX40 has a plow on the back and a chain trencher (4” width, 36” depth) on the front. Two blades are available: a pull blade with 1 1/2” bullet, and a chute blade with 1” i.d. Both blades are serrated and have presets for 18”, 21”, and 24” depth. The chute blade can place warning tape 6” above the product.

For an extra deposit we’ll send along the Porta-Bore non-directional drill tooling. Porta-Bore is non-directional like a missile bore (“point and pray”) but is quicker to set up, uses a smaller sending pit, and installs product on the pullback just like a real drill. Our tooling can support up to 30 foot bores of product up to 2” o.d.

Our Vermeer PTX40 was delivered to us from the factory in 2022 and is equipped with Quad-Track tracks for minimum surface disturbance and maximum traction.

44” wide, 55” tall, and 96” long, the PTX40 fits almost anywhere you need to go.

Key features:

  • installs fiber optic, electrical, gas, and irrigation lines
  • little disruption at the surface
  • installs hundreds of feet per work day
  • remote control for comfort, visibility, and precision
  • full crew is 3 people

Fiber installer demos pull blade, then chute blade:

How it looks when soil conditions are perfect:

And when the soil is difficult (wet/hard/clayey):