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Locating tools

Weekly: $150 Monthly: $500

Lease it!

Everything you need to accurately find and map underground services such as:

  • electric
  • telephone
  • empty conduit
  • sewer laterals
  • water services

The tools are available for weekly rental as individual items:

  • RIDGID NaviTrack Scout locator (19238): $50/wk
  • RIDGID SeekTech ST-510 transmitter (21903): $50/wk
  • Forbest sewer camera, 512 Hz sonde, 150 foot pushrod: $25/wk
  • Vesala 33 kHz blowable microsonde for 10mm i.d. microduct: $50/wk
  • 300 meter flexible pushrod for microsonde: $25/wk

Or you can rent all 5 items for $150/wk, $500/mo.